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coffee tables

Eden table

EDEN table

Eden coffee tables celebrate organic forms - from the marble top which features no edges at all, to the timber supports which reject mathematical order in their placement and shape. Perfect for a sophisticated interior celebrating honest materials and seeking relief from geometry. Like ancient geological formations these coffee tables represent a balance and composure that is only ever found in nature. 

W900 D900 H350

W1000 D1000 H350

W1200 D1200 H350

side table : W550 D550 H500

MATERIAL : Solid oak or walnut legs,Top in natural stone, or solid wood (*side table only with stone top)

DESIGN : Patryk Koca

humla coffee table 

The Humla table series is inspired by the timeless
quality of the iconic Tray Tables by Hans Bolling. We maximized the minimalism with these tables, stripping them down to bare essentials and using the least material possible while still retaining their function. The simple geometry and unpretentious purity will ensure that the design is immune to ageing.

Dia 440 H480.
Dia.690 H380

Dia.900 H380


MATERIAL : solid oak, MDF+oak veneer, powder-coated steel

DESIGN : Morten Georgsen

humla side table 

Available with storage drawer, or without.




MATERIAL : solid oak, MDF+oak veneer, powder-coated steel

DESIGN : Morten Georgsen

native table

Native offers us a connection with the earth. Tactile materiality and reassuring chunkiness. Solid oak legs carved in subtle curves and angles smoothly finished by the carpenters hands.


Dia.740 H350/H430

Dia.990 H350/H430



Top: solid oak or terrazzo.

Legs : solid oak

DESIGN : Ash Every

FASIKA table 

It’s hard to beat simplicity. Basic geometric shapes are pleasing to the eye, and the circle is king. Fasika comprises two bisected spheroids stacked vertically, which appears at once familiar yet unexpected. A versatile table which can be integrated seamlessly into any space.


dia.700 H380

dia.420 H480


MATERIAL : concrete

DESIGN : Morten Georgsen

GION table

The ribbed wooden structure of the base of Gion table is inspired by an architectural feature of tea-houses found in the streets of Gion in Kyoto. The ordered arrangement of wooden ribs contrasts nicely with the more random arrangement of stones which comprise the terrazzo top. 


W550 D550 H500

W700 D700 H400

W950 D950 H340



Base : solid oak ribs

Top : terrazzo, marble, travertine or solid oak.

DESIGN : Wooden Stories

CLOCH table 

Taking it’s name from the Gaelic word for stone, the Cloch table is characterized by a light wood tray-shaped top supported by three slim steel rods, anchored by a thick pillar of concrete or terrazzo. The mingling of three diverse materials creates visual interest and the versatility to fit in a variety of environments.


dia.380 H560

dia.450 H490



Top : solid wood edge with veneered insert

Base : concrete / powder-coated steel

DESIGN : Morten Georgsen

RAMEL table

 The whimsical character of the Ramel table exemplifies the design language of Morten Georgsen. The playful combination of materials and textures, forms that suggest chess pieces – the veteran designer’s trademark compulsion to bring a smile to living spaces.


dia.450 H485

dia.600 H365



Base : terrazzo or concrete

Top : solid oak

DESIGN : Morten Georgsen

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