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sensu bed

The Sensu bed is a celebration of complexity through simplicity. There is purpose to every line and a deliberate sense of continuity between the front and the back, the left and the right. The bedhead, inspired by traditional Japanese sensu fans, flows into the bed frame with the same ease as the front legs run into the back ones. The subtly curved bedhead rail and repetition of the vertical slats create the perception of a complex three dimensional surface. Paired with the Bow headrest cushions, the Sensu Bed provides unrivaled support and comfort

Australian Queen  W1640 D2315 H1000

Australian King W1940 D2315 H1000

European Queen W1710 D2285 H1000

European King W1910xD2285xH1000

European Super-King W2110 D2285 H1000

MATERIAL : Solid oak frame, with solid pine slats

DESIGN : Patryk Koca

Hover Bed offers a thin minimalist bed base crafted from solid timber paired with a luxurious upholstered bed head. The mattress on top concept appears to float above the minimalist linear legs which are balanced by subtle curves and shadow lines.

Australian Queen  W1580 D2220 H1000

Australian King W1880 D2220 H1000

European Queen W1650 D2190 H1000

European King W1850 D2190 H1000

European Super-King W2050 D2190 H1000

MATERIAL : Solid oak frame, with solid pine slats

Headboard upholstered in leather or fabric

DESIGN : Patryk Koca

hover bed


The Poise bed celebrates timber craft and classic joinery while providing a robust and grounded bed base with an ergonomically angled bed head. The horizontal planks of the bed head provide
great support and can be paired with the bow headrest cushions.

Australian Queen  W1675 D2225 H995

Australian King W1975 D2225 H995

European Queen W1745 D2195 H995

European King W1945 D2195 H995

European Super-King W2145 D2195 H995

MATERIAL : Solid oak frame, with solid pine slats

DESIGN : Patryk Koca

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