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The Eden and Tathra collections celebrate leisure time and family. Named after two of the southmost towns in NSW Australia, they hold special memories of family holidays in the designer's youth. 





designs by Patryk Koca


Exploring wild coastlines with unique rock formations during the day and sharing meals with loved ones during lazy afternoons. It's those memories and the eternal stone formations of the surrounding landscapes that inspired these furniture pieces. 

tathra dining LO angle2 (Medium).jpg


The Tathra table is a quiet statement piece with no vulgarity or distractions. The soft sculpted forms of the oak base are reminiscent of ancient tree trunks while the stone top has soft edges as if polished by the ocean - a true meeting of the elements.

tathra story (2) (Medium).jpeg
tathra console light oak.jpg

Tathra is a place for gatherings, conversation, and play, and the Tathra table collection is timeless like the landscapes and memories that inspired it.



Eden coffee tables celebrate organic forms - from the marble top which features no edges at all, to the timber supports which reject mathematical order in their placement and shape.

eden 120_traveretine _ smoked oak.jpg

Perfect for a sophisticated interior celebrating honest materials and seeking relief from geometry. Like ancient geological formations these coffee tables represent a balance and composure that is only ever found in nature.  


Photography by Patryk Koca

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