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Although Sketch is strongly rooted in Denmark, we thrive on exploring new ideas with creative talents from diverse backgrounds. 

In 2019 we approached Patryk Koca, a designer based in Sydney whom we sensed shared our values towards product design and an aesthetic sense which aligned well with our vision for the evolution of our brand. 

Our own style naturally inclines toward the space where Scandinavian design principles coincide with the Australian modern aesthetic, and we felt that Patryk embodied this harmonic blend, himself a fusion of northern European and Australian experiences.    


Our factory is set up to engage with designs which involve a high degree of manual skills and time-consuming procedures, placing us at the intersection of craftsmanship and mass production.


During our early discussions with Patryk this strength became a point where we both saw great potential for a partnership that could showcase our manufacturing ability and provide Patryk with unique creative freedom.   

The Poise chair is a prime example of this synergy, featuring many subtle curves and angles interacting in ways which appear simple but demanding technical know-how and discipline at the drawing board, and precision in execution in the factory.  



Ideas are proposed and discussed. Sketching begins. Gradually a new creation comes to life on a page. 

Saws buzz. Sanders whirr. Prototypes are created and refined. Angles tweaked, comfort improved.


The moment of truth, as the finished article is inspected by the designer in his studio.   

IMG_5960 BW_1600x1067.jpg


Inspiration is often found in nature. The Cove tables were inspired by the natural geography of the coastline around Sydney Harbour.


The organic forms found in the hidden bays and eroding sandstone cliffs have been translated into the soft details of the table. Rounded legs nestle into the safe coves of the subtly curved top to create an understated, yet sophisticated, design language. 

cove 200 light oak detail.jpg

Iconic concrete architecture found in Australia's capital city of Canberra provided inspiration for the Glide stools


Bold, rounded geometric forms contrast with negative spaces to create a sense of drama and solidity.

glide stool light oak.jpg


There is more to come from our partnership with Patryk Koca. Keep watching to see what we come up with next!  

IMG_5872 BW_1600x1067.jpg

Designer photography by Bhaven Chauhan and Patryk Koca